To live big it's important to surround yourself with people, products and services that fill you up and make you want to reach for that unlimited potential inside YOU! Here are all my current obsessions!! 

Current Obsessions

Katie is the owner of Funseeker Fitness. A company dedicated to making fitness welcoming, accepting and dare I say...FUN??!! She is my go-to for fitness and mindset resources including 1:1 training, group training and her signature 90 day Muscle & Mindset Transformation program!!!  Click on the link to learn more!!!

Katie Hunt

A podcast created and co-hosted by the brilliant and forwarding thinking Gwyneth Paltrow. It has been part of my normal podcast rotation for a couple years and I've found the topics and interviews to be disruptive, brave, insanely authentic and nourishing to my soul. Click on the link to give it a listen! 

the Goop

If you have baby eyelashes like me, you have to try this mascara from Thrive. A friend (who happens to have naturally long and beautiful lashes) purchased this for me as a gift. I was doubtful of the results, but at a price point of $24 this product delivers BIG time!! Click on the link to learn more!!!

Liquid Lash

Amelia is the owner of Elevate Branding Studio, an innovative branding and web design company dedicated to strategically integrating your "why" into every touchpoint of your business. 

Amelia took my vision and turned it into reality, an even better reality than I had imagined.! She patiently walked with me throughout the entire branding and web design process providing ideas, referrals to other services providers and always making me feel seen and heard. 

If you are business owner either just starting out or looking to take your branding and web design to a deeper level, Amelia and her team will take you there! 

Amelia Faist
Branding + Web Design

T'Keya is a Salt Lake City based Copywriter that aligns digital marketers & small business owners with their audience by creating copywriting alchemy to generate leads through heart-centered words. She has been instrumental to me throughout the launch of my website. Using a copywriter wasn't something I had initially considered, but looking back I could not have done it without her. Click on the link below to learn more about T'Keya and her amazing resources! 

T'Keya Marquez

Mindvalley is a premier personal development platform that offers offers hundreds of programs from the best teachers around the world on a wide range of topics such as finance, love, meditation, and entrepreneurship. The two programs I am currently obsessed with are Jeffrey Allen's Duality and Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy. If you are someone who is serious about taking your personal development to the next level, Mindvalley is a great investment. Click on the link to learn more! 


To Be Magnetic, founded by Lacy Phillips, offers a modern guide to manifestation. The TBM process is backed by neuroscience which is your brain's incredible ability to change throughout your life. 

The TBM workshops and online community have been instrumental to my personal growth. Helping me to strip away limiting beliefs and get right to the core of what is holding me back. 

If have been trying to manifest anything from a new career, more money, or a better relationship but not getting the results  you want, TBM could be the resource for you!  

To Be Magnetic

Chani Nicholas is a socially conscious Astrologer who has written for publications such as the NY Times and O Magazine. She recently released an app, simply called Chani, that I am completely obsessed with! If you are an astrology nerd like me, you have to check out this app! Click on the the link below to learn more!!! 

Chani Nicholas

Sugar Paper is a LA based, high-end stationary company. I stumbled across their product at a local shop while on a mad hunt for the perfect journal. You know, the kind of journal that has the perfect spine, wide spaces, feels good with you hold it. I've been hooked ever since! Click on the link to check out their full suite of products! 

Sugar Paper

The Newsworthy podcast is hosted by veteran journalist Erica Mandy who was tired of talking heads and alarmist headlines so she created something different! The show's tag line is "Fast, Fair, and Fun in 10 minutes". If you are looking to stay up to date on politics, tech, business and entertainment but without the drama, give this one a listen! 

The Newsworthy