Harness the Power of Connection with a diverse, community support system of women—all who share a common interest in reading. 

Are you an ambitious woman trying to do it all on your own?

Do you LOVE reading, but find it’s been impossible to get the pages in?

You understand that living big requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ve tried things like being more accountable, changing your mindset, and prioritizing your growth. *virtual high five*

Sometimes though...it can feel impossible to find a community system that actually aligns with you.
Let’s face it…. Life is much sweeter when you’re around people on the same wavelength as you.

When was the last time you got together with women who lifted you up?

Or shared the same love for reading and deep conversation?

Become a better reader by becoming accountable together.
Harness the power of connection with a diverse, community support system of women—all who share a common interest in reading. 

You know that if you had the right mindset and ongoing support, you could step into your power as a badass Woman.

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight, but through engaging conversation and connection, you begin to speak your reality.

There are so many book clubs out there. Which one will work the best for you? How do you know who you can trust?

A typical book club can leave you feeling stuck with a book even if you chose it. Not to mention, placed in groups with people you have nothing in common with. While having the responsibility of keeping logs, writing reports, and doing group work when all you want to do is read and discuss.
 Imagine a community where you and other strong women are able to feel seen, heard, and supported in all your successes—even the smallest win.

 What if there was a book club for you to connect and support other Women.
 Whether it’s a habit of starting books and never finishing them or wanting to make new connections — you deserve to immerse yourself in a space dedicated to your growth.

 After all, one of the most special things about books is getting to share them with those around us.

As a Mindset Mentor, I strive to help women destroy their false beliefs and determine new, positive beliefs that align with their true selves. I am committed to sharing everything I know to make a positive impact on the incredible women in this world.

Over the past decade, my personal development journey has inspired me to build a supportive community for other women. As a community, we can help each other learn, grow, find our voice, and begin to trust ourselves. Through this, we are able to connect and trust our inner voice, rid ourselves of false beliefs and tap into our limitless potential. I created Live Book Club with the belief that women are the future. My goal is to create a community that connects, supports, and Ignites women toward their unique limitless potential. To empower them to step into their power and rule their world - all while reading a book.

 Introducing Live Big Book Club, a community that connects, supports, and Ignites women toward their unique limitless potential through reading.

 A Women-led book club designed to encourage, celebrate and build a supportive network with the shared love of reading, honest discussions, and genuine support. 

 It’s your turn to experience living your unique, limitless potential, alongside fellow strong women.
Live Big Book Club combines the power of reading and uplifting community to transform you in ways solitude never could.

Every Monday at 7pm CST we meet virtually via Zoom

How it Works:

Every Monday at 7:00pm CST we will gather virtually via zoom for the weekly book club. As the perfect way to start the week, we will celebrate wins and accountability goals for the week ahead. Each day, you’ll read 4-7 pages of a book. This gives you plenty of time to go about your busy day being the superwoman you are while still staying connected in our community.

It’s the perfect way to start your morning, end your night, or get some much-needed peace and quiet during the day.

With Live Big Book Club, you’ll get that needed push to reach the last page of a book. You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded women and share insight and support— all in a multifaceted book club.

What You'll Get:

What You'll Learn:

Together, We'll:

- All the benefits of a book club, combined with new friendships, are now in your hands.

- You’ll learn there’s an abundance of amazing women just like you out there…

- All you had to do was find them.

- Step outside of your comfort zones.

- Challenge each other to grow and become more.

- Share book insights that apply to your personal and professional lives.

- Reignite your passion for reading until it’s stronger than ever before.

- Learn how important it is to take time for yourselves.


Imagine a book club for women that focuses on not only reading but includes actions steps towards personal development.

Personal growth barriers affect every person differently, and each path of personal growth is just as unique. You are ready to reach your full potential, but you don’t have the necessary support.

What if you were able to achieve an achievement mindset, in the comfort of your own home, all while reading great books?
Imagine yourself…

Being able to show up as your best self each day in a group of supportive women who want each other to succeed.

Being able to read thought-provoking books that both challenge and inspire you.

After you join the Live Big Book Club you’ll:

 Have a trusted support system to turn to who want nothing more than to see you succeed in all walks of life Have dedicated “me time” on a daily basis to immerse yourself into a book and escape the hustle and bustle Break out of your comfort zone by contributing to stimulating discussions that feed your soul and mind Build lasting friendships with rock star, driven women just like you and learn from each other’s unique experiences Be part of a diverse community of like-minded women ready to take on the world.

 The Live Big Book Club is not your average book club.

 Where most book clubs' main purpose is to discover what types of books interest you most—Live Big serves a greater purpose.

 What begins as a space to promote a love of literature, evolves into a circle of self-care. Your personal growth is the best investment you can make.

 The Live Big Book Club allows you to achieve a sense of community, personal growth, and encouragement through the power & magic of books, at a price that is well worth it.

The cost to join is simple. It's $29.99 billed monthly and cancelable at any time.  

 Click ‘Join Now’ to be a part of the Live Big Book Club Community.

  Once you join, you will receive an email with all information you need for the first book club gathering.

 I’m also going to add a special touch for you as a warm welcome into Live Big Book Club. Upon enrollment you will receive a personalized Thank You from me, along with a Live Big Bookmarker.

 Joining is risk-free and full of rewards for you.

If you’re not satisfied with your experience, you can cancel after 30 days. I believe in the book club community so much I make cancellation incredibly easy with just one click. No hurdles, no delays, and no questions asked.

Your journey to limitless potential begins with a convenient monthly payment plan!