A Mindset Mentor & Leader dedicated to connecting with, supporting, and guiding fellow women to ignite their unique and limitless potential.

My life’s passion and mission is to help women destroy their false beliefs and determine new, positive beliefs that align with their true, highest self. 

As a confident and active girl growing up in a small mid-western town, I had a stereotypical family. Two older brothers, a dad who whole-heartedly believed in me and a mom who provided the necessary structure to keep the family unit working at all times. I didn’t know it then, but looking back, this family dynamic provided me the safety and security to fully trust myself.

After high school, it was time to leave my safe, secure bubble and venture out into the real world. Although this was an exciting time, it was also the first time I was fully responsible for my own choices and consequences. As with a lot of young adults, I wasn’t sure what path to take and was overwhelmed with the freedom that was suddenly thrust upon me. 

Naively, instead of continuing to trust myself, I started looking outside myself for answers. What did society expect from me? What were my friends doing? Maybe if I could blend in, no one would realize I didn’t actually know how to do this whole “adulting” thing. 

This worked well for a long time. I hustled my way through college into well-paying jobs and large friendship circles. But in my mid-30’s, I had the horrible realization that I no longer recognized myself. My ongoing need to feel accepted by others had taken me down an unknown path. It was at this moment that I set out on my journey back to myself. I dove into personal development books, podcasts, and started running, journaling, and meditating. I stood determined to reunite with my confident, self-assured 16 year old self.

"I set out on my journey back to myself. "

Though my journey is far from complete, I’ve learned that self-abandonment for the validation and acceptance of others is an epidemic— especially for women. Over the past decade, my personal development journey has inspired me to build a supportive community for other women. 

As a community, we can help each other learn, grow, find our voice, and begin to trust ourselves. Through this, we are able to connect and trust our inner voice, rid ourselves of false beliefs and tap into our limitless potential.

As a Mindset Mentor and Leader, I strive to help women destroy their false beliefs and determine new, positive beliefs that align with their true self. I am committed to sharing everything I know to make a positive impact on the incredible women in this world.

Thank you for being a part of this community!